When should I book my wedding cake?

The further in advance that you book, the better because it gives us more time to work through all the details of your cake order.  However, we strive to accommodate all of our clients and can typically take orders within a week of the event date.

Can I hold the date?

Yes. You can hold the date. You will need to fill out a contract form and put down an estimated deposit, based on your guest count. Two weeks prior to the wedding, your final guest count, batter and filling decisions and design must be finalized and the final payment made in full.

What is the best way to communicate with Great Cakes!?

We prefer emails. Once you inquire or make a deposit, we will have a file on you. All emails will be printed in hard copy and attached to your file so that we will be sure to have all your details. Please write in the subject line, BRIDE’S NAME AND WEDDING DATE and on any checks or other communication. This will help us locate your file. Our office hours are based on production and seasonal so usually we will get back to you via email or phone within a few business days.

What is the pricing for your cakes?

The overall price is based on the type of batter and icing used, how much detail work will go into the cake design, and the number of servings. For prices on specific flavors and combination, visit our pricing page.
Buttercream covered cakes begin at $6. per serving
Fondant covered cakes begin at $8. per serving

How much will my cake cost?

Let’s say you are having 80 guests at your wedding. A 3 tiered round cake finished with buttercream, with a simple design will be approximately $480. ($6. per serving x 80 servings = $480) If you would like us to send you a price quote, please fill out our inquiry form.

Do you make cupcakes?

Yes!  We do make cupcakes here at Great Cakes!  Our cupcakes come in any of the flavors that are listed on our menu.  They also come standard with one filling option and a buttercream icing.  Our cupcake pricing starts at $36. per dozen (that includes any flavor batter, one filling and a buttercream icing).  We can tailor almost any of our cake design themes for cupcakes.  Also, we rent cupcake stands as well if you are looking to create a “cupcake wedding cake”.

What is the "sand" made of on your beach-themed cakes?

The natural colored “sand” on our cakes is a blend of cake itself made to resemble the color and texture of the sand that is found here on the beaches of the Outer Banks.  Since the “sand” is made from actual cake, it is edible and does not detract of the taste of the cake.  The white or colored “sand” on our cakes is a granulated sugar which adds a bit more sweetness to the cake.  Any of our beach themed cakes can come with either type of “sand” that you prefer, it is all up to your tastes!

If my cake design has ribbon or fresh flowers, who provides these items?

If your ribbon is real ribbon and your flowers are real flowers (meaning not confection), then these are things that are provided by the bride.  The ribbon will need to be sent to Great Cakes! 2-3 weeks prior to your wedding date.  For the fresh flowers, we recommend that these be left in a container of water so that they are as fresh as possible when we add them to the cake at the time of our “picture perfect” set-up.

If I am using real ribbon on my cake, what type is best?

We recommend that you send to us 1 1/4″ – 1 1/2″ wide, non-wired grosgrain ribbon.  (Grosgrain is ribbon that has a slight ribbing – this differs from satin ribbon that has a smooth finish and therefore has a tendency to show moisture spots from the icing.)  Please include the brides last name and wedding date on the ribbon when mailing it out.

When do I give you my cake topper?

In most cases, cake toppers should be brought directly to your reception venue. Please have it waiting at the cake table for us to put on when we arrive with the cake. We have found that the fewer people handling your topper, the better. If it is something we are making here, we will bring it with us. Please let us know if your cake topper is heavy and needs support. If you have any doubts about your topper’s suitability, you should bring it by our office before the reception date, so that we can look at it. We also have toppers you can purchase from us.

How much do you charge to deliver?

The delivery charge not only covers our time and fuel costs, but our “picture perfect” set-up as well.  Prices range from $55.00 for local deliveries to $150.00 for distant deliveries.  Our delivery area covers Corova (4 wheel drive area) all the way to Hatteras.  Please see our pricing page for more details.

What does delivery and set up include?

We will deliver your cake to your location and set it up. We ask that you have the table ready with the table cloth on it and anything that you would like to be on the cake table i.e. decorations, knife and trowel, champagne glasses etc, should be left on the cake table. If we are adding flowers or topper on site, please have them at the cake table. We will dress the cake and table and leave it photo ready for your arrival at the reception. Delivery is usually schedule within 1-3 hours prior to the reception. If it’s outside, we may deliver very close to reception time. Delivery and set-up does not include a stand or riser but you can rent one from us to compliment the design of your cake.

What size should my stand be if I choose to use one?

Typically, we suggest that your stand be 2-4″ larger in diameter than the bottom tier of your cake.  We can provide you with the dimensions of your cake base once your guest count is finalized.  The top of the stand should be flat to support the cake properly.  We have stands that you can rent from us, these can be viewed on our website under the tab “Our Menu”.  We charge a rental fee of $45.00 with a security deposit of $100.00 (this is refunded when the stand is returned the next morning undamaged).  We charge $45.00 per day late charge.

How do I make my payment(s)?

A third of the final total is required at the time of booking and can be paid on our website or in the form of cash, check, or charge. Your deposit/payments are non-refundable. You may pay in installments if you wish. Final payments are due 14 days before your wedding date. You may pay by any of the methods listed above, but we will not accept checks after the due date. Your deposit will hold your date, but final decisions of number of servings, design and batter can be decided as you develop your wedding plans. All decisions must be finalized by 2 weeks before your event.

Do you have pictures of some of your previous cakes?

Yes, please visit our Cake Galleries to see our portfolio of cakes. We also have a larger gallery of wedding cake designs and special occasions cake designs to inspire your design.