Our Signature Cake

Key Lime Bliss was created from Marsha’s determination to make a wedding cake from an old recipe her mother used to make at Christmas in Richmond, Va. The original recipe was for tiny bite size fresh orange and lemon juice saturated cakes and the flavor was outstanding.

Today, Marsha makes her four-layer Key Lime Bliss cakes with fresh squeezed lemon, lime and key lime juices basted into each layer of lime batter cake. Homemade Key Lime butter cream and homemade Key Lime filling is layered in between four cake layers and finished with her special Key Lime Bliss butter cream icing. Key Lime Bliss can be used as batter and filling for almost all cake designs.

This moist creation has become a top seller and has become the Outer Banks’ most recommended and favorite cake. People say it’s the best cake they’ve ever tasted as it is light, refreshing, moist and smooth, like lime sherbet…a very beachy and tropical dessert.